Sample schedule

10:00-10:30 : We talk about the day’s themes and read a story. Children put away their lunches, have a few minutes of free play, and fill their water bottles. Then the campers rotate between three planned activities: nature, art, and games.

10:30-11:15:  1st activity

11:15 -12:00: 2nd activity

12:00-12:45: Lunch and free play- Children provide their own lunch. The entire camp eats together. Campers can choose where they want to eat (maybe at the picnic tables, or under a shade tree, or maybe on the hammocks). Supervised free play follows.

12:45-1:30: 3rd activity

1:30-2:30: All Camp Activity- The counselors lead the entire camp in a spirited games of capture the flag, dodge ball, kick ball, snatch the bacon, egg toss and spud. We encourage everyone to join in, but if a child would rather have free play that is ok too!

2:30-3:30 Free Choice- The “free choice’ activity allows the campers to choose how they want to spend a portion of their day. Activities are camper driven and counselor guided. Some suggested activities are gaga ball, 4 square, bocce, croquet, wiffleball, frisbee, art, resting on the hammocks, exploring Stony Brook, story time, tetherball, fort building, board games, music, gardening, soccer, lacrosse, pet care, swings or playing in our natural playground. A counselor is assigned to every activity, and each activity is limited to 6 campers.

3:30-3:50 Snack- The children eat the snack that they made during the day.

3:50-4:00: Pick up