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It used to be that kids could go outside with unlimited restriction. They were free to roam the fields, woods, and streams, just to explore and play.  Lucky Dog gives kids an opportunity to play the old fashioned way, outside, in a relaxed, beautiful setting. As one parent wrote "Lucky Dog gets to the heart of what kids should be doing....playing outside!"

There is a wealth of research that documents that children who spend time outdoors, playing in nature are healthier and less stressed. They exhibit greater cognitive abilities, improved focus, and have more self control. They have greater self- esteem and are better problem solvers. It is a widely accepted principle in early childhood education that children learn best through free play and discovery. Through the planned nature-themed activities at Lucky Dog, the campers will explore and learn the importance of protecting and respecting all earth’s creatures and the places they call home.

I believe that the outdoors represents freedom, unlimited possibilities and the space to play and dream. Although there is guidance and supervision at Lucky Dog Camp, the children will feel like they are just playing!